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The OpenStreetMap data files provided on this server do not contain the user names, user IDs and changeset IDs of the OSM objects because these fields are assumed to contain personal information about the OpenStreetMap contributors and are therefore subject to data protection regulations in the European Union.
Extracts with full metadata are available to OpenStreetMap contributors only.

Commonly Used Formats

Other Formats and Auxiliary Files

Sub Regions

Click on the region name to see the overview page for that region, or select one of the file extension links for quick access.

Sub Region Quick Links
  .osm.pbf .shp.zip .osm.bz2
Afghanistan [.osm.pbf](88 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
Armenia [.osm.pbf](39.9 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
Azerbaijan [.osm.pbf](34.1 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
Bangladesh [.osm.pbf](288 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
Bhutan [.osm.pbf](19.9 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
Cambodia [.osm.pbf](29.8 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
China [.osm.pbf](954 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
East Timor [.osm.pbf](13.0 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
GCC States [.osm.pbf](171 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
India [.osm.pbf](1.2 GB) not available [.osm.bz2]
Indonesia (with East Timor) [.osm.pbf](1.4 GB) not available [.osm.bz2]
Iran [.osm.pbf](183 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
Iraq [.osm.pbf](67 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
Israel and Palestine [.osm.pbf](92 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
Japan [.osm.pbf](1.7 GB) not available [.osm.bz2]
Jordan [.osm.pbf](29.1 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
Kazakhstan [.osm.pbf](144 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
Kyrgyzstan [.osm.pbf](38.1 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
Laos [.osm.pbf](42.1 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
Lebanon [.osm.pbf](37.1 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei [.osm.pbf](189 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
Maldives [.osm.pbf](4.4 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
Mongolia [.osm.pbf](51 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
Myanmar (a.k.a. Burma) [.osm.pbf](142 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
Nepal [.osm.pbf](349 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
North Korea [.osm.pbf](60 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
Pakistan [.osm.pbf](93 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
Philippines [.osm.pbf](485 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
Russian Federation [.osm.pbf](3.2 GB) not available [.osm.bz2]
South Korea [.osm.pbf](163 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
Sri Lanka [.osm.pbf](107 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
Syria [.osm.pbf](38.6 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
Taiwan [.osm.pbf](109 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
Tajikistan [.osm.pbf](38.9 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
Thailand [.osm.pbf](258 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
Turkmenistan [.osm.pbf](14.5 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
Uzbekistan [.osm.pbf](76 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
Vietnam [.osm.pbf](264 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]
Yemen [.osm.pbf](36.5 MB) [.shp.zip] [.osm.bz2]

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